bird family

a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Hypernyms: ↑family
Struthionidae, ↑family Struthionidae, ↑Casuaridae, ↑family Casuaridae, ↑Apterygidae, ↑family Apterygidae, ↑Rheidae, ↑family Rheidae, ↑Aepyornidae, ↑family Aepyornidae, ↑Dinornithidae, ↑family Dinornithidae, ↑Meliphagidae, ↑family Meliphagidae, ↑Prunellidae, ↑family Prunellidae, ↑Alaudidae, ↑family Alaudidae, ↑Motacillidae, ↑family Motacillidae, ↑Fringillidae, ↑family Fringillidae, ↑Carduelinae, ↑subfamily Carduelinae, ↑Emberizidae, ↑subfamily Emberizidae, ↑subfamily Emberizinae, ↑Coerebidae, ↑family Coerebidae, ↑Dacninae, ↑family Dacninae, ↑Passeridae, ↑family Passeridae, ↑Ploceidae, ↑family Ploceidae, ↑Drepanididae, ↑family Drepanididae, ↑Menuridae, ↑family Menuridae, ↑Atrichornithidae, ↑family Atrichornithidae, ↑Eurylaimidae, ↑family Eurylaimidae, ↑Tyrannidae, ↑superfamily Tyrannidae, ↑Cotingidae, ↑family Cotingidae, ↑Pipridae, ↑family Pipridae, ↑Furnariidae, ↑family Furnariidae, ↑Formicariidae, ↑family Formicariidae, ↑Dendrocolaptidae, ↑family Dendrocolaptidae, ↑Pittidae, ↑family Pittidae, ↑Muscicapidae, ↑family Muscicapidae, ↑Turdidae, ↑family Turdidae, ↑Turdinae, ↑subfamily Turdinae, ↑Sylviidae, ↑family Sylviidae, ↑Sylviinae, ↑subfamily Sylviinae, ↑Timaliidae, ↑family Timaliidae, ↑Parulidae, ↑family Parulidae, ↑Paradisaeidae, ↑family Paradisaeidae, ↑Icteridae, ↑family Icteridae, ↑Oriolidae, ↑family Oriolidae, ↑Sturnidae, ↑family Sturnidae, ↑Corvidae, ↑family Corvidae, ↑Garrulinae, ↑subfamily Garrulinae, ↑Cracticidae, ↑family Cracticidae, ↑Troglodytidae, ↑family Troglodytidae, ↑Mimidae, ↑family Mimidae, ↑Xenicidae, ↑family Xenicidae, ↑Acanthisittidae, ↑family Acanthisittidae, ↑Certhiidae, ↑family Certhiidae, ↑Sittidae, ↑family Sittidae, ↑Paridae, ↑family Paridae, ↑Irenidae, ↑family Irenidae, ↑Hirundinidae, ↑family Hirundinidae, ↑Artamidae, ↑family Artamidae, ↑Thraupidae, ↑family Thraupidae, ↑Laniidae, ↑family Laniidae, ↑Malaconotinae, ↑subfamily Malaconotinae, ↑Ptilonorhynchidae, ↑family Ptilonorhynchidae, ↑Cinclidae, ↑family Cinclidae, ↑Vireonidae, ↑family Vireonidae, ↑Bombycillidae, ↑family Bombycillidae, ↑Accipitridae, ↑family Accipitridae, ↑Falconidae, ↑family Falconidae, ↑Pandionidae, ↑family Pandionidae, ↑Sagittariidae, ↑family Sagittariidae, ↑Cathartidae, ↑family Cathartidae, ↑Strigidae, ↑family Strigidae, ↑Tytonidae, ↑family Tytonidae, ↑Meleagrididae, ↑family Meleagrididae, ↑Tetraonidae, ↑family Tetraonidae, ↑Cracidae, ↑family Cracidae, ↑Megapodiidae, ↑family Megapodiidae, ↑Phasianidae, ↑family Phasianidae, ↑Perdicidae, ↑subfamily Perdicidae, ↑Perdicinae, ↑subfamily Perdicinae, ↑Numididae, ↑subfamily Numididae, ↑Numidinae, ↑subfamily Numidinae, ↑Opisthocomidae, ↑family Opisthocomidae, ↑Tinamidae, ↑family Tinamidae, ↑Raphidae, ↑family Raphidae, ↑Columbidae, ↑family Columbidae, ↑Pteroclididae, ↑family Pteroclididae, ↑Psittacidae, ↑family Psittacidae, ↑Loriinae, ↑subfamily Loriinae, ↑Cuculidae, ↑family Cuculidae, ↑Musophagidae, ↑family Musophagidae, ↑Coraciidae, ↑family Coraciidae, ↑Alcedinidae, ↑family Alcedinidae, ↑Meropidae, ↑family Meropidae, ↑Bucerotidae, ↑family Bucerotidae, ↑Upupidae, ↑family Upupidae, ↑Phoeniculidae, ↑family Phoeniculidae, ↑Momotidae, ↑family Momotidae, ↑Todidae, ↑family Todidae, ↑Apodidae, ↑family Apodidae, ↑Hemiprocnidae, ↑family Hemiprocnidae, ↑Trochilidae, ↑family Trochilidae, ↑Caprimulgidae, ↑family Caprimulgidae, ↑Podargidae, ↑family Podargidae, ↑Steatornithidae, ↑family Steatornithidae, ↑Picidae, ↑family Picidae, ↑Capitonidae, ↑family Capitonidae, ↑Bucconidae, ↑family Bucconidae, ↑Indicatoridae, ↑family Indicatoridae, ↑Galbulidae, ↑family Galbulidae, ↑Ramphastidae, ↑family Ramphastidae, ↑Trogonidae, ↑family Trogonidae, ↑Anatidae, ↑family Anatidae, ↑Merginae, ↑subfamily Merginae, ↑Anserinae, ↑subfamily Anserinae, ↑Anhimidae, ↑family Anhimidae, ↑Ciconiidae, ↑family Ciconiidae, ↑Balaenicipitidae, ↑family Balaenicipitidae, ↑Threskiornithidae, ↑family Threskiornithidae, ↑family Ibidiidae, ↑Plataleidae, ↑family Plataleidae, ↑Phoenicopteridae, ↑family Phoenicopteridae, ↑Ardeidae, ↑family Ardeidae, ↑Gruidae, ↑family Gruidae, ↑Cariamidae, ↑family Cariamidae, ↑Rallidae, ↑family Rallidae, ↑Otididae, ↑family Otididae, ↑Turnicidae, ↑family Turnicidae, ↑Psophiidae, ↑family Psophiidae, ↑Charadriidae, ↑family Charadriidae, ↑Scolopacidae, ↑family Scolopacidae, ↑Recurvirostridae, ↑family Recurvirostridae, ↑Haematopodidae, ↑family Haematopodidae, ↑Phalaropidae, ↑family Phalaropidae, ↑Glareolidae, ↑family Glareolidae, ↑Burhinidae, ↑family Burhinidae, ↑Laridae, ↑family Laridae, ↑Sterninae, ↑subfamily Sterninae, ↑Rynchopidae, ↑family Rynchopidae, ↑Stercorariidae, ↑family Stercorariidae, ↑Alcidae, ↑family Alcidae, ↑Gavidae, ↑family Gavidae, ↑Podicipedidae, ↑family Podicipedidae, ↑Pelecanidae, ↑family Pelecanidae, ↑Fregatidae, ↑family Fregatidae, ↑Sulidae, ↑family Sulidae, ↑Phalacrocoracidae, ↑family Phalacrocoracidae, ↑Anhingidae, ↑family Anhingidae, ↑Phaethontidae, ↑family Phaethontidae, ↑Spheniscidae, ↑family Spheniscidae, ↑Diomedeidae, ↑family Diomedeidae, ↑Procellariidae, ↑family Procellariidae, ↑Hydrobatidae, ↑family Hydrobatidae, ↑Pelecanoididae, ↑family Pelecanoididae
Member Holonyms: ↑Vertebrata, ↑subphylum Vertebrata, ↑Craniata, ↑subphylum Craniata

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